Our realizations of indoor stairs

Nowadays indoor stairs aren’t only part of the house used to shift between floors, but also part of the decoration, which can raise the aesthic value of the whole house. Designers of single-family houses more often are placing the stairs in exposed, central part of a house. That modern approach gives space to show off for such companies as our. We specialize in designing stairs, which combine functionality with elegance and modern pattern. Stairs made by us will give character for every interior. We specialize in modern structures, but also we value classic stairs made of wood or metal.

Indoor stairs equals functionality

Designing modern stairs you can’t focus only on design or visual effect. Stairs primarily have to function as connector between floors. Remember, that probably you will be using stairs over several times a day, so the decision shall be proceded by analysis of needs and requirements. While making a decision about form and placement of the stairs it’s important to note a few hints:

  • Stairs, which are placed in sitting-room, much facilitate communication between floors, but are inconvenient solution for big families, when inhabitants use to come back or leave at different time of a day
  • Stairs placed in sitting-room are verified by small families, while the whole family is practically together all day long
  • Staircase is best sollution in houses with lots of families

Modern indoor stairs are stairs designed including nature of every interior and requirements of habitants. Made of the best materials, such as metal and glass, which with suitable lighting gives amazing visual effects and make moving between floors is pure pleasure. That are our stairs. We invite you to introduce with them in our portfolio.