Modern stairs made of glass

Modern stairs

We specialize in designing and producing modern stairs. In our offer you can find stairs made of glass (with the possibility of attractive highlight on the steps), traditional wooden, metal and stone stairs. We do straight, curly, spiral and shelf stairs, practically in every shape and form. All according to customer’s needs.

Modern stairs with steel railings


We do railings made of different materials and in different forms according to delivered project or proposed arrangement. Generally those are railings made of stainless steel, aluminium or glass. We encourage to familiarize with our projects.

Modern glass railings


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We create modern starirs

Nowoczesne schody szklane Our company specialize in projecting stairs in modern design, in any shape, applicating such materials as metal, glass or wood. Most of accomplished projects are indoor stairs, but realizing an outdoor project does not make any problem for us. Mainly these are shelf stairs, which are nowadays very fashionable. They make an impression like they were suspended in the air. Our customers, who want to underline modernity of their interior, decide for stairs made of cut glass. Designed by us glass stairs improves aesthic qualities giving additional visual effects given by daylight, which reflects in vitreous steps. After dark these stairs looks as effective thanks to LED lights in the steps. We offer high variety of available materials and our own designing office gives you warranty of making stairs dedicated for your interior, according to your requirements. We start our service with measuring and making visual project of your future stairs, which next is presented to the customer. After approving our project we proceed to the production of modular components, which lately will serve us to mount ordered stairs in right place. Thanks to that installation runs much smoothen and faster.

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